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Our Mission

“To empower & promote women within the plus-sized community. Our goal is to promote self-love and influence women to be more confident, fearless, and non-apologetic for living life in BIGGER bodies.”


Latasha McRae

“I love u lady I was 4getting who I am. I love ur vibes."

Alia Tasty

"Ur amazing I love u. U helped me a lot and I bloody love myself. keep doing what u do Queen xxxx"

Tyona Dix

“You're so amazing. I am the biggest in my family and in all my 46 years of life you inspire you me to live to the fullest. Thank you so much!”

Deniesha Dupree

“By the way I love you and I don't know you but I love you. I love your energy I love how you represent for the big girls and your f***ing confidence is up the ladder girl we should be best friends"

Halie Blackwell

"Hey I am a big fan girl I love u thank you for all you do because of u I am happy to be fat. And I started to work on myself n my self esteem"


“ISwear ISwear ISwear you should of been around 20 to 30  yrs ago.. They needed this back then. But hey y'all got it now and thts the most important part. PFGG 4ever”

Tameka Higgins

“I love your confidence. OMG never could I ever. You are beautiful. I am 41 years old and just NOW finding my beauty. Send much love to you and yours. Thanks for your uplifting words."

Victoria Verdin

"You are my favorite influencer. thank you since I started following you I learned to love my big girl self. thank you so much. I love you girl"

Aimee Bailey

“I love the positive messages. we need more support like this.”
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